10 de octubre de 2011

Silk By Marina Interview


The materials that I use for my product are 100% Silk, Chiffon and Habotai or China Silk as it is called and Silk Dyes.

My Etsy experience have been a wonderful one. Etsy is a fabulous and best platform for hand-made products. It has the presence on the internet that no one shop can top. Etsy has the resources to help you and your shop be successful and is always working on making things better, easier and is innovative in its approach.

As I only sell one product, seasons is what determines when I best sell ... always around the holidays especially Christmas time.

I have been in Fairs sponsored by the Department of Culture and Tourism such as the Bacardi Festival and also the Feria de San Sebastian in Old San Juan. I am a Certified Artisan and am committed to at least 3 days a week to sell my silk scarves and also painted burlap at "La Plasita Darsena" (Artisans Plaza) in Old San Juan.

A day in my SilkMari Shop is a multitasking one. I start by pinning my Silk scarf to the frame and start on creating my design on my silk with disappearing ink ... and proceed on the technique which can take up to 8 hours. In the meantime as my scarf has pockets of waiting time, I may start another scarf or work on my Burlap wish is work that I take to the "Plaza". My SilkMari Shop has always work in progress.

My Etsy Shop is not my full-time job although I wish it was imagine all the work I would have in my shop if I did not have to divide it but having the opportunity to be up close and personal with my customers is also very valuable.

No mistakes as they are just challenges to make us better at what we do and certainly not regrets only lessons learned.

My best market advise is to stay involved with your Etsy Shop, adding new items, fine tuning and sharing your shop in Facebook, Twitter, Blog and Flickr or any other way via social networking.

Etsy is the only website where I sell my work apart from locally selling it at the Artisans Market.

You can also find SilkMari here =
Etsy Shop > Silkmari
Facebook > Silk By Marina
Twitter > @Silkmari

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  1. Im in love with this scarfs I saw them in person and I really see how much details it have. Wonderful Marina :)


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