19 de abril de 2011

Bijoux Hibou Specialize in Raku Technique

De que estan hechos tus productos?

My necklaces are made from Fimo polymer clay, Adirondack alcohol inks, Pearl Ex powders and liquid clay. I’m also opening a new store which will feature my clay illustrations which are made with Creative Paperclay and painted with acrylics paints.

Cual ha sido tu experiencia dentro de Etsy?

I would have to say that all of my experiences with Etsy has been very positive. I’ve met a lot of nice people, both sellers and buyers, who have been very nice to work with. I like taking advantage of the video workshops Etsy has to help sellers and also enjoy reading Quit Your Day Job and reading about the Featured Seller.

Cual es el producto favorito y mas vendido en tu tienda?

I specialize in creating necklaces that has the look of raku pottery and it’s all that I sell. I have sold a mix of everything from abstract patterns to animals and more natural elements.

Háblanos si has estado en ferias o expos:

I just moved to Puerto Rico from Dallas, Texas, last June and have not had the chance to sell in Fairs or Expos. However, my necklaces can be found at Playa Oeste Surf Art Gallery in Rincon and also carried seasonally by Caribbean Trading Company in Fajardo.

Llevanos a través de un día de la tienda Wandie Ortiz, desde que empieza hasta que termina el día?

Eres Full Time en Etsy?

I am not a morning person so my day starts at 9:30am – 10:00am with several cups of coffee. Noone is allowed to speak to me during this time as I’m slowly waking up. Once the fog has lifted and I’m up and about, I read my emails and go through my to do list. Since I’m working on opening a new store my routine has changed. I’ve been working on getting my store set up and creating new work to sell. I’m also drawing more and planning out my pieces but still leave some room for surprises. My new store will be focused on original clay illustration for children and adults alike. The work will feature adults, children and animals with each illustration telling a story. I usually work until about 10:00pm at the latest. I’m not full time on Etsy since I’m focused on another goal at the moment but I’m very open to it.


 Cuales han sido los errores y de cual este haz arrepentido?

I think there are times when I’ve tried to do too much and really complicated things. For example, putting art in my necklace store which did not have the same look and feel as my necklaces. I wondered if that confused my customers who knew me for my specialized raku technique. For that reason, I’m opening a separate store to sell my art.

Cuales son tus mejores Market Tips?

I think it’s important to establish the look and feel of your creations so that your customers know exactly what they’re getting each time they come to your shop. Also remain consistent in the look and quality of what you produce so people will keep coming back. I’ve learned that your banner and avatar are a good way of getting this message across. Photograph your work the best that you can. Many times I’m so caught up with technique that I forget the customer experience. Since customers are shopping online and not in person, you have to put yourself in a customer’s place. Since they are met with so many options, how will your shop stand apart? Facebook and Flickr has brought my work to the attention of a lot of people. Listing regularly is important and, of course, great customer service.

Aparte de Etsy en que otras paginas sociales te podemos conseguir?


Gracias Wandie por tan linda entrevista.
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  1. Me encanto la entrevista Wandie

  2. Que bien poder conocer un poco mas acerca de las miembros del Team.

    Esas piezas son un verdadero arte, únicas en su clase. Me encanto tu entrevista!

    Exito en tu negocio y con tu nueva segunda tienda,

  3. Me encanta el arte de Wandie! Y me alegre ver tan buena entrevista con este artista talentosa!!

  4. Gracias a todos! Que tienen un buen fin de semana!

  5. Linda entrevista! Me encantó la idea para su segunda tienda, estaré encantada de ver sus ilustraciones. Mucho éxito y adelante con su bello trabajo!!!


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